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Actor. New York State Teacher of the Year. Publisher. TV producer. Super hero marketer. Winner of the prestigious Brandweek Magazine's Youth Marketer of the Year award. Senior Sales and Marketing Executive. Joel Ehrlich has been a powerful and innovative force in the business world for more than 30 years.


After attending the High School for the Performing Arts in New York City, Joel majored in Speech and Theater at Hunter College, and auditioned for every part he could find. He soon found himself greeting Michael Corleone in the opening scene of The Godfather and hanging out with Al Pacino in Panic in Needle Park.

In the musical theater genre, Joel appeared in lead roles including Action in West Side Story, Ernst in Cabaret, and Lt. Schmidt in Tenderloin. In straight drama, Joel played Biff in Death of a Salesman, Hal in Picnic, and Cassius in Julius Caesar.

His portrayal of drifter Doug on Edge of Night landed him on the cover of several soap magazines because he was featured in one of the first on-screen love scenes. That one scene paved the way for today's modern soap operas.

He soon learned that there are no guarantees in the acting world. Needing a paycheck, he decided to substitute teach—a decision that shaped the next 30 years.


Ehrlich found his perfect audience in the shining, inquisitive, youthful faces at PS 53 in the Bronx. Using his acting and creative skills, he dressed as Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, and even Betsy Ross, and made learning fun. He taught during the school year and worked as a drama coach at esteemed summer camps. His dedication and talent were recognized. In 1974, he was recognized as one of the most innovations New York State Teachers of the Year.


Joel and his wife Phyllis
developing Healthy Kids

Monetary issues forced New York State to let go its newest teachers, including Teachers of the Year.

Time for something new—pharmaceutical sales, of all things! Ehrlich became a marketing consultant for some of the world’s largest drug companies. Joel and his colleagues’ handling of the Tylenol poisoning issues forged a new way for companies to deal honestly with the buying public.

Ehrlich then entered publishing at Medical Economics and marketing at Health Learning Systems. He knew that people need to know how products directly affect their lives before they will use them. So. His publications and new consumer-oriented marketing techniques dealt head-on with subjects previously misunderstood, such as hypertension, or considered private, such as oral contraception, and he changed the way people managed health issues. His efforts gained the endorsements of the United States Surgeon General, National Institutes of Health, and Planned Parenthood.

"It all comes down to relationships." —Joel Ehrlich

His next stop was Cahners Publishing, where he produced, with the American Academy of Pediatrics, two of the first magazine/cable shows for the Family Channel—American Baby TV, and Healthy Kids TV, starring supermodel and mom Kim Alexis. These were the first consumer magazine and TV shows endorsed by a prestigious medical organization. Healthy Kids grew from a start-up to a multimillion dollar publishing and media entity in less than three years.


In the 1990s, Joel helped to change Marvel from a comic book publisher to a leader in the entertainment and consumer products world. As Senior Vice President, Joel showed the world that Spider-Man and X-Men could teach nutrition, build self-esteem and stimulate the imagination of kids—all while skyrocketing sales for Marvel and its partners as entertainment such as animation, films, dvds and online interactive experiences were brought to consumers of every age.

This culminated in Joel winning the prestigious Brandweek’s Youth Marketer of the Year award in 1995.

Continuing on the "super hero" journey, Joel became SVP of Promotion and Marketing at Warner Bros./DC Comics. Once again, knowing that superheroes could educate, entertain both kids and adults, serve as corporate icons—and drive sales at the same time—Joel directed major campaigns, such the Jerry Seinfeld/ Superman/ Amex and the GM OnStar/Batman initiatives. These programs and his successful partnerships with the U. S. Postal Service, using DC characters to teach history, and with Schering Plough, using Batman and Poison Ivy to teach about allergies, proved him right.


Owning and operating a business was Ehrlich’s next challenge. As president and chief operating officer at Young Minds Inspired (YMI), he tripled the number of programs produced each year and branched out into new media formats and value-added components. Joel worked with companies such as TNT, Toys”R”Us, Columbia/TriStar Films, HBO, the National Pork Board, American Greetings/Care Bears, NFL, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Warner Bros. Animation, Microsoft, McNeil Laboratories, Cartoon Network, Jeep, The History Channel, and General Electric.

Ehrlich is a former Northeast Trustee of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America—and still serves as keynote speaker at many functions—working with inner-city kids to improve self-esteem and give guidance.


Joel Ehrlich, producer

Joel was Chief Marketing Officer and President of Sales at the International Fight League (IFL)—the world’s first mixed-martial arts sports league using a team format. Joel helped the IFL skyrocket from 4 teams and 4 live events in 2006 to 12 teams and 13 live events, in 18 major markets in 2007. In addition to securing sponsors like Warner Bros., Xbox, Topps and Sandals, Joel helped arrange Fox Sports Network’s commitment to weekly IFL broadcasts, Fox Broadcast’s “My Network” airing of IFL Battleground and was Producer of the first IFL-Warner Bros. DVD IFL—Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action, chronicling the first year of the IFL’s astonishing entrance into the mixed-martial arts world.



As president of The Harmony Entertainment Group, Joel uses his talents, experience, proven sales and marketing techniques, as well as innovations to meet new challenges in a fast moving world. The Harmony Group works with a team of experienced and passionate experts in both traditional and new media to use innovative tools providing marketing strategy and executional roadmaps. Harmony enables great brands, products, and personalities to reach their most passionate consumers. Harmony works with you to integrate social media tools and tactics that will make you successful in today’s digital world. Services include analysis of your current marketing mix and a recommended social media blueprint for staying one step ahead of your competition.

 Joel has worked with such clients DC Comics, Warner Bros., Celebrity Chef David Burke, UNIVISION, World renowned classical pianist Cristiana Pegoraro, several Broadway shows, StarGreetz advising and creating a strategy for success creating a plan and a specific course of action. Joel and his wife are co-executive producers of two films—the rock musical Clear Blue Tuesday and the teen thriller Red Hook—and associate producers of The Great Game, Wedding Singer and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.



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